Upcoming Events


Last fortnight of the First Term!

Examinations are over! Report cards were given away on September 19.

Mathematics Expo’ turned out to be very interesting! Dr.Patil, the scientist from Germany, visited the Expo. 

Rajasthan group left for their exciting holidays on September 20!

‘Get –together for lunch’…..September 23! Each child of the primary classes will bring ten poories. Pool up poories and ………

And…. The teachers will prepare ‘channa’ at school for all the 300 children!

 A ‘Jelabi’ each for dessert!

What a way to say ‘HAPPY HOLIDAYS’!

Dasara dolls are being arranged on September 22.

Just wait for the photos to go on the website!

HAPPY DASARA!  Will be back on October 6!